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After years of being sadly neglected, the Ohio Bigfoot is finally getting noticed.


It isn't like he didn't *try* to get noticed over the last two centuries - he did.

He's thrown himself in front of cars, scared the daylights out of rural sheriff's deputies, and frightened homeowners all over the state by waiting in their backyards for them to come out and play. He's even tried to hang out with a lot of campers, just hoping to be offered a s'more, but has yet to taste one of those delicious-looking, gooey things.

So - the Buckeye Bigfoot wanders on, sad and alone, from the shores of Lake Erie down to the Ohio River, hoping someone will notice him.

You can help end the neglect of the Buckeye Bigfoot by proudly using products displaying his image.


He will be appreciative.

Just let him know you helped out when you next see him by brandishing something with his image on it. Maybe offer him a s'more or something and invite him to your campfire.

Then, be sure to share that encounter with us here at Buckeye Bigfoot and help get the Ohio Bigfoot the recognition he deserves! 

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Field Notebook.JPG

With 80 lined 6.5" x 8.75" pages, you'll have plenty of room to take notes on Sasquatch behavior.



**Buckeye Bigfoot assumes no liability for encounters with an angry Sasquatch that is unhappy with what you're writing about them.

Mug 1.JPG
Mug 2.JPG

Pack all your needs for a day out Squatch Hunting in this canvas tote. 




**Buckeye Bigfoot is not responsible for any injuries received from curious Sasquatch who want to see what is in this tote.

Mug 3.JPG

Take this stainless steel, double walled travel mug with you on those long Squatch Stake Outs, and keep your lips wet enough to whistle back at Bigfoot.



**Buckeye Bigfoot in no way guarantees this mug is strong enough to use as a weapon against a Sasquatch.

**Buckeye Bigfoot is in no way responsible for any injuries that may result from a Sasquatch desiring to take the shiny mug away from you.

shirt front.JPG
shirt 2.JPG

Help Bigfoot get the recognition he desires with this T-shirt. 


**Buckeye Bigfoot is not responsible for your individual encounter with a Bigfoot that is jealous of how awesome you look wearing this T-shirt.

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