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Absence of Proof is not Proof of Absence


Did you know that there's a state park in Ohio that has been named one of the top 10 Squatchiest Places in America? 
Not a lot of people do. We are working to change that. 

After years of being sadly neglected, the Ohio Bigfoot is finally getting noticed.


It isn't like he didn't *try* to get noticed over the last several centuries - he did.


He's thrown himself in front of cars, scared the daylights out of rural sheriff's deputies, and frightened homeowners all over the state by waiting in their backyards for them to come out and play. He's even tried to hang out with a lot of campers, just hoping to be offered a s'more, but has yet to taste one of those delicious-looking, gooey things.

Sad and alone, the neglected Buckeye Bigfoot wanders on alone from the shores of Lake Erie down to the Ohio River, hoping someone will notice him.


One of the few surviving photos from whe

Nance Warren

"Talks too much. 
Scares the other children with stories of ghosts and monsters"


"Talks too much. 
Scares the other adults with stories of Bigfoot Encounters."


  - 1977

  - 2019

My new editor, hovering over my shoulder

"Talks too much. Scares the other children with stories of ghosts and monsters."

So read one elementary teacher's notes about little Nance on the back of a take-away notecard sent home with her mother from a parent-teacher conference in 1977. 

Despite their best efforts, neither teacher nor mother was successful in stopping the recess story-telling, with both thereafter becoming the villain of every story little Nance could insert them into. 

Nance still enjoys scaring her coworkers daily, but has given up on scaring her husband of 32 years; he's immune to her tactics and encourages her search for Bigfoot, going so far as to drive her to far-flung forests known to be Squatchy. Sometimes he remembers to pick her back up before he drives home.

Sometimes not. 

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